Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wafels & Dinges! Wafels & Dinges!

Last week, while out getting my mid-morning Papaya Milk (which by the way is amazing) at my go-to Fruit Stand at the northeast corner of 45th and 6th, I happened upon something spectacular. The Wafels and Dinges (that's "dingus") Truck.

Located about 50 yards east of 6th avenue on the south side of 46th Street, this bright yellow truck keeps it simple, offering two types of Belgian Waffles, as well as a handful of "dinges" or toppings for either one.

The Brussels wafel is light, cooked all the way through, and crunchy on the outside - essentially your traditional notion of a Belgian waffle, which we decided to top with strawberries and of course the complimentary heavy dusting of powdered sugar. (Below left). Me being more of a minimalist than my dining partner (guess who) when it comes to sweets, decided to keep it simple and stick with only the powdered sugar. (Below right).

Both were fantastic. Obviously, when you add dinges, it becomes a knife and fork ordeal, but if you skip the extras, you can savor the warm, nutty crispiness of the cooked battered by hand.
There's something about eating a minutes-old, still warm, belgian waffle by hand. I just love it.

The Liege waffle (not shown) is a softer, chewier manifestation of the batter, and is said to be "Belgium's best kept secret", packed with pearls of sugar that caramelize when cooked. It sounds great, and a lot of people were ordering it, so I will be sure to go the way of the liege next time around.

Wafels & Dinges is yet another example of how New York, and Midtown especially, is chock full of these culinary treat trucks.

Be sure to check this place out. Last time I was there, there was some chatter over possibly introducing a savory waffle with using some sort of slow cooked pork.

I'm certainly game for that.

Wafels & Dinges

By the way, don't bother asking for ice cream - which is not an authentic Belgian practice. It is however an authentic Jersey shore practice, and I will be enjoying a Belgian Waffle with chocolate ice cream and strawberries from my favorite spot in Bay Village on Long Beach Island this weekend. Eat your hearts out! (See below)

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