Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Uberchef Spotlight: Rethinking Gnocchi Bolognese

As I mentioned in my Buddakan piece a couple weeks back, my brother is a sous chef for the Starr Restaurant Organization, specifically at Jones in Center City Philadelphia. He has worked his way up from line cook to sous chef in a year's time, and has enjoyed great success in influencing the wildly popular menu at Jones.

He has been known to comment on my blog posts under the handle "Uberchef", an apt appellation for a guy who has an incredible vision in the kitchen.

Though he rarely documents his work outside of the restaurant (or inside for that matter), he did manage to do so recently when he compiled a most illustrious take on a classic Italian meat sauce which he concocted in the confines of his own home test kitchen.

He labels his fine work as such: "Gnocchi Bolognese with ground beef, chunk sausage, zucchini, and Brussels sprouts."
He also adds, "Eat your heart out Bobby Flay." You tell him little bro!

The addition of velvety zucchini with the crunchy bitterness of the Brussels, together add a complementary dimension to a dish that can often get lost in a miasma of overpowering meat flavor. Bravo!

I am hoping to continue to highlight the Uberchef's work on a more regular basis going forward. Let me know if you'd like to see more, and if recipes and methods would be of use to you as well. The Uberchef's repertoire is insanely impressive and he is often reinventing and renovating classic dishes to better reflect his culinary sensibilities.

Ti amo fratellino! Buon lavoro!

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